Snake on Vacation

A cute Snake is against to ice cream on a vacation. Collect stars and avoid yourself from ice cream. Let’s say you have collected 100 points from the stars, then you can not hit ice cream if their total points are more than it. Play this amazing game and the cute game now.     […]

Cute Monkey

Touch screen to jump and to climb to the wall just keep touching your screen. Enjoy running in the endless world with this little Cute Monkey. When You are running You will face with little weird creators and barriers. Take care of them and collect more coins for the Cute Monkey Start now playing and […]

Gravity Universe

How to play? When You start the game press to the screen to make a movement. Touch to screen to go up or down. This game features: Free playing Different Characters(Pinky, Yellow, Green and Blue Triangles, Circles, Squares) You can buy those characters with the game coins. Play now and have fun!       […]

Snake Color

Switch Color with the Snake! A new switch color game. This is a different type of color switch app. You switch the colors with the Snake Touch to the screen to make a movement. Snake’s color and the circle’s color should be the same otherwise You would die. Have fun           […]

Colorful Flying Bird

Clumsy, Flappy Style Game. Super idiot bird is a simple bird game The aim of the game is to blow the bird without hitting the other colored columns by touching screen First You will take a colorful ball and You will pass from the same colored columns Each transition is one point. Have a good […]

Unlock Doors-2D Game

Hiro and Naru are discovering the different Doors! Pass the tricks and discover the next part. Use all your skills to complete all levels and have fun Features: -The best 2D door exit game available for Android. -Free game with addictive parts. -Sometimes hard and sometimes Simple to play. -Find the best way to pass […]

Bottle Flip-Jump Higher

Play Bottle Flip and make the higher scores! Just tap the screen at the right moment and jump! Flip a plastic bottle, other bottles, and jump higher. Collect hearts with love and buy new bottles with those points Play with all bottles. Jump at the right moment Try to make the best! Have fun challenge […]

Mix Worlds-Android Game

There are 3 endless worlds in the game. You can switch between them when you fail At any world, Press to the left column to bend over. Press to the right column to jump and double press to jump higher. Do You like running games? As you do love them, Do you love climbing too? […]

Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter is a running game. You kill zombies, take care of bombs and make the best running ever! Some tips about the game: Press double to the jump button to jump higher. Be ready for zombies. To make the higher score just do not underestimate the zombies. Thanks for reading.    

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