Cute Chipmunk Fall

Cute Chipmunk Fall is a falling down game.The Chipmunk falls down and get nuts.
The Chipmunk is in a place where She should find some foods for herself but she is in hard situation.Because whenever She tries to accumulate foods something goes bad and she needs help.Here You are here to help her!
Accumulate the foods make her and her friends happy!Meet with her firends and make them free.Make them be able to accumulate foods too!They need to be healthy and happy too.
How Can You play this game ?
You will be falling down and You should take care about the collision.
Gather the nuts as much as You can!
You can buy new characters with game points and real money.
You can watch reward ads to get points
When the game is over you can continue to the game where you left by watching the ad.




How Can You play the game ? Watch the video




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